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hydrocephalus in dogs

Hydrocephalus in Dogs: The Importance of Early Diagnosis

What is hydrocephalus in dogs? Well, in Greek, “hydrocephalus” basically translates to “water on the brain.” Hydrocephalus is a neurological…

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myasthenia gravis in dogs

Myasthenia Gravis in Dogs: What It Is and How SEVN Can Help

Myasthenia gravis in dogs is one of the most commonly recognized neuromuscular diseases in veterinary medicine. In simple terms, the…

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dog ivdd non surgical treatment

Nonsurgical IVDD Treatment in Dogs: Is Your Dog a Candidate?

Decisions about IVDD treatment in dogs are made based on the severity and the duration of clinical signs. In some…

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annpe in dogs

ANNPE: What It Is and How to Care for Your Dog

ANNPE stands for acute non-compressive nucleus pulposus extrusion (say that five times fast!) and is a form of intervertebral disc disease…

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Dog Epilepsy Treatment

Dog Epilepsy Treatment and How to Manage It

Has your dog been diagnosed with epilepsy? Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition in dogs. Although an underlying cause…

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vestibular disease in old dogs

10 Common Signs of Vestibular Disease in Old Dogs

Senior dogs can have vestibular dysfunction for all the same reasons younger dogs do. However, vestibular disease in old dogs…

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brachycephalic dogs

What Is a Brachycephalic Dog?

Brachy means “short.” Cephalic means “head.” A brachycephalic dog has a shortened skull, giving its nose a smushed-in appearance and…

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masticatory muscle myositis in dogs

Masticatory Muscle Myositis, Trigeminal Neuritis, and Trigeminal Nerve Sheath Tumors in Dogs: How to Tell Them Apart

Masticatory muscle myositis, trigeminal neuritis, and trigeminal nerve sheath tumors are three different neurological diseases affecting the muscles and nerves…

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dog herniated disc

Dog Herniated Disc: Signs and What to Do

A herniated disc is actually the number one spinal cord problem seen in dogs. The good news is that the…

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Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative Myelopathy: Symptoms, Cause, and Treatment

Degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a slowly progressive neurological disease of the spine in dogs. Degeneration means deterioration. Myelopathy is any…

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