How to Perform a Neurological Exam for Pets

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A neurological examination for pets has three goals in mind. The first is to determine whether or not the patient’s problem is neurologic in origin. If the answer is yes, the second is to pinpoint exactly where the problem exists within the nervous system. And finally, the third goal of a neurological examination is to understand the severity of symptoms. Let’s get started.

To conduct a preliminary neurological examination, you will need:

Your patient's neurological examination is divided into the following six sections of evaluation. Click each step for a detailed explanation.

Refer a Patient

It is important to note that many neurological conditions can share the same symptoms. In veterinary neurology, clinical signs are more so an indication of where the problem is located, rather than the condition itself. Therefore, a referral to a veterinary neurologist is recommended to establish a list of possible differentials, a diagnostic plan, and treatment options.