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At Southeast Veterinary Neurology (SEVN), our mission is to keep families together by giving second chances to pets with neurological disease and hope to the people who love them through compassionate neurological care to patients, empathetic service to pet parents, and humble expertise to the veterinary community.

Over the next decade, our goal is to keep 70,000 families whole, ensuring their beloved pets not only survive but thrive despite neurological disease; provide the ultimate workplace experience for our team, being known for our culture of growth, collaboration, and support; and become the undisputed leader in veterinary neurology, pushing the boundaries of our field and redefining the standards of care.

Our core values are what enable us to succeed at our mission and accomplish our goals.

Man Looking At MRI Of Pet


  • We push the boundaries.
  • We continually evaluate ourselves for ways to improve.
  • We are willing to give up short-term wins in pursuit of long-term goals.


  • We are committed to helping others.
  • We ensure urgent neurological cases receive the care they need when they need it.
  • Our team members are there for each other.
Availability For Pets And Pet Owners
Team Working Together To Help Pet Heal


  • We work together because “all of us” is smarter than any one of us.
  • Our team is stronger due to its diversity in talents, experience, skills, and knowledge.
  • We care about and encourage each other’s wellbeing and growth.


  • We are grounded in our purpose to keep families together.
  • We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo in pursuit of doing the right thing, the right way, for the right reason.
  • We’re building something different and are comfortable on the road less traveled.
Team With Integrity
Neurology Team You Can Count On


  • We keep our promises.
  • We admit our mistakes and learn from them.
  • We are resilient and persevere in the face of challenges.


  • We lead veterinary neurology in medicine, surgery, technology, and skills.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care and actively seek feedback.
  • We aim for perfection because “good enough” is not in our vocabulary.
Highest Standards Of Veterinary Care
Treating Pets With Compassion


  • We’re pet parents, empathetic to the stress, fear, and challenges our clients face.
  • We treat patients as our own pets, doing everything possible to ensure their wellbeing.
  • While we’ve been here 1,000 times, we remember it’s the client’s first time.