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Dog constantly scratching

Phantom Scratching: Why Your Dog Is Constantly Scratching

There are many reasons why your poor pup could be itchy and scratchy. But is your dog constantly scratching, seemingly…

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Dog change in behavior

4 Reasons for Sudden Behavior Changes in Dogs

Your dog can’t tell you what’s wrong, but you know when something isn’t right with your “soul mutt.” You don’t…

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Toxins that can cause dog seizures

What Toxins Can Cause Seizures in Dogs?

Is there anything more agonizing than witnessing your dog having a seizure? The overwhelming sense of helplessness you experience may…

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Happy New Year!

  These three little words we shout at each other each year have never been more welcomed. For some, 2020…

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Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in Dogs: Everything you need to know

It’s ruff  to watch someone we love suffer – especially when that someone can’t tell us what’s wrong. So it’s…

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Dog and owner finding out what triggers seizures in dogs

What Triggers Seizures in Dogs?

A seizure is one of the most common neurological conditions a dog can experience. It is defined as an abnormal…

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types of neurological disorders in dogs and cats

Types of Neurological Disorders in Dogs and Cats

Just like in humans, dogs and cats get neurological conditions.  The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal…

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neurological disorders in dogs

Are Neurological Disorders in Dogs Treatable?

Ultimately, most pet owners ask me one simple question when their pet is having a neurological problem: Can You Fix…

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dog facial paralysis

Facial Paralysis in Dogs: Why Does My Dog Have a Droopy Face?

Written by our Neurology Resident, Dr. DiVita. You can learn more about Dr. DiVita on our neurologists page. Why is…

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dog acting drunk and wobbly

Why Is My Dog Acting Drunk and Wobbly?

What do you do when, all of a sudden, your dog starts walking around like he has had a few…

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