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Dog staring at the wall

Help! My Dog is Staring at the Wall

First thing’s first. Why is your dog staring at the wall? No, your house isn’t haunted. Well, maybe it is,…

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Dog slipped disc

How Can I Tell if My Dog Has a Slipped Disc?

As veterinary neurologists, one of the cases we most frequently see is a dog with slipped disc symptoms. Fortunately, depending…

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Symptoms of brain tumor in dogs

10 Common Brain Tumor Symptoms in Dogs

Out of all the neurologic conditions that can affect dogs, especially our older canine companions, brain tumors are actually quite…

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Veterinary career path

Veterinary Career Path: From Technician to Director

Is veterinary technician a job or a career path? While some are passionate about what they do every day, others…

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Dachshund health issues and neurological problems

Dachshund Health Issues: 5 Dachshund Neurological Problems

Introducing the tiny, yet mighty dachshund… a big dog trapped in a small dog body, as we like to say…

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Home remedy for vestibular disease in cats

Is There a Home Remedy for Vestibular Disease in Cats?

Vestibular disease can be caused by an underlying issue, which would need to be treated by a veterinary neurologist, or…

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Veterinary technician job in Florida

Veterinary Technician Job: Why You Should Consider Southeast Veterinary Neurology

From native to invasive, wild to domestic, and exotics to the familiar, Florida residents have seen it all when it…

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IVDD surgery cost

How Much Does IVDD Surgery Cost for Dogs?

IVDD surgery cost depends on many factors. First, let’s talk a little bit about what intervertebral disc disease in dogs…

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What to do when your dog has a seizure

What to Do When Your Dog Has a Seizure

Seizures are one of the most common neurological problems we see in veterinary neurology. Still, there are few things more…

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Tremors in dogs

Tremors in Dogs: Causes and What They Mean

Like seizures, tremors are involuntary rhythmic muscle movements that look like shaking, shivering, or trembling. They can be rapid or…

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