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Helping people understand their pets’ conditions and offering them answers—and hope—is what we love most about what we do. Neurological cases can be complex, confusing, and perhaps even intimidating for pet parents to process, but we can clarify these issues and lay out a plan to help you resolve them.

We have helped thousands of pets in and around South Florida regain their ability to walk, and we can’t wait to help thousands more.

Understanding Your Pet's Symptoms

And why your pet should probably see a veterinary neurologist.

What to Expect

From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, here’s what you can expect at your consultation.

Conditions We Treat

Our neurology specialists are well-versed in a multitude of conditions related to the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.

Success Stories

Learn about some of our most unforgettable cases (and patients).


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Resources for Pet Parents: Smiling Dog

The Veterinary Care Foundation

Here at Southeast Veterinary Neurology, we do everything we can to help as many pets as possible. One of the ways we do that is through the Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF), which allows us to provide discounted or no-charge care to pets with extensive, and oftentimes urgent, medical needs.

VCF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that was created specifically for the purpose of helping practices help their patients. More important, 100% of all contributions to VCF and its member practices go immediately towards:

  • Supporting the pets of families in crisis
  • Assisting pet owners that are in a financial crisis
  • Providing funding for Good Samaritan cases
  • Treating and caring for fire/police and service animals
  • Providing funding for pets that have been harmed or displaced due to a local or natural disaster
  • Other charitable uses as decided by the practice

Go to to find out more, and see how you can help make a difference.

The Only Team of Board-Certified Neurologists in South Florida

Our South Florida neurologists exclusively treat neurological conditions in dogs and cats including strokes, brain tumors, and paralysis.

Dr. Michael Wong

Dr. Wong founded Southeast Veterinary Neurology in 2010. He is one of fewer than 300 board-certified veterinary neurologists in the US and has lectured at the local, state, and national levels.

Pet Neurological Care in South Florida: Dr. Nicholas De Pompa

Dr. Nicholas De Pompa

In his youth, Dr. De Pompa founded a rescue that helped over 150 dogs. In addition to being a board-certified veterinary neurologist, he also has a Master's degree in biomedical science.

Pet Neurological Care in South Florida: Dr. Michael Reese

Dr. Michael Reese

Dr. Reese has won awards for the care he provided for his patients while at Purdue University and offers that same level of care to his patients at Southeast Veterinary Neurology.

Pet Neurological Care in South Florida: Dr. Franziska Fitz

Dr. Franziska Fitz

Highly experienced in veterinary medicine, Dr. Franziska Fitz has been a part of Southeast Veterinary Neurology since 2015 and joined our team of neurologists in July 2019.

Pet Neurological Care in South Florida: Dr. Daniel Webb

Dr. Daniel Webb

Daniel “Blake” Webb is a veterinarian at Southeast Veterinary Neurology and has been residency trained in all aspects of neurology and neurosurgery.