Dog Seizures

Seizures in dogs and cats are abnormal and unusually strong bursts of electrical activity within the brain. Understandably, it can be extremely distressing to see your own four-legged family member experience a seizure.

Southeast Veterinary Neurology is here to provide the best possible treatment for your pet's seizure.

Why Do Dogs Have Seizures?

  • A problem that occurs outside of the brain but still affects the brain - such as low blood sugar, poisons or toxins, low blood calcium, or liver problems
  • Structural issues in the brain - tumors, strokes, brain swelling, head trauma, infection
  • Idiopathic epilepsy - where there is no underlying cause such as tumors or other conditions

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How We Treat Dog Seizures

There are multiple medical options for treating seizures in dogs and cats, depending on their underlying cause.

These include medications for treating the underlying cause itself, and controlling the severity, frequency, and duration of the seizures.

Southeast Veterinary Neurology is well-equipped to help you know the signs of a seizure, why your pet is having them, and how we can treat them so your pet can return to a normal life.

Complete Neurological Care for South Florida Pets

When a pet has a neurological condition, it can be stressful and challenging for their entire family. In addition to our knowledge and skill, you also have our complete support as we help you understand your pet's condition and work to restore them to a healthier, more comfortable life.


Seizures in Dogs and Cats

Seizures can be alarming when they happen, but they can be treated. We use the latest diagnostics to identify the cause of a seizure and select the best treatment options.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful tool for diagnosing many conditions, including IVDD, brain tumors, meningitis, and strokes.


Intervertebral Disk Disease

With both medical and surgical intervention, our neurologists have been able to help thousands of dogs and cats suffering from IVDD regain their ability to walk.


Other Conditions & Treatments

Our neurologists specialize in all areas of neurological care including brain surgery, spinal surgery, and physical rehabilitation. Along with more common problems like seizures and strokes, we can also evaluate and treat less common issues, such as disorders of the spinal cord and vertebrae.