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Pet Electrodiagnostics in South Florida: Dog Visiting Clinic

At Southeast Veterinary Neurology in Miami, Boynton Beach and Jupiter, we use a wide array of diagnostic tools, devices, and procedures to determine exactly what ails your pet, so we can apply the appropriate remedy to make them healthy again. Electrodiagnostic studies are one of these tools, and they can give us important insights into the functioning of your pet’s neurological status and what issues they might be having.

Electrodiagnostic studies are used to measure certain types of electrical activity, particularly action potentials of muscle, nerve and brain tissue. An action potential is a “spike” of electrical discharge that travels along the membrane of a cell and carries information between cells such as muscles and neurons. Electrodiagnostic studies can measure communication between these cells suggesting particular types of nervous system disease including muscle (myopathy), nerve (neuropathy) and brain (encephalopathy). In addition, certain electrodiagnostic tests (BAER) can be used to screen for deafness.

Types of Electrodiagnostics That We Employ

There are a variety of tests that fall under the heading of electrodiagnostics. They are similar in that they measure the behavior of electrical discharges in your pet’s body, but they differ in terms of what specific areas they evaluate. Different tests check the transmission of nerve impulses between your pet’s muscles, nerves, and brain tissue.

Our skilled staff at SEVN use this test to record the electrical activity of muscles, and it can be helpful in enabling us to diagnose problems in your pet’s motor function. The motor function consists of several parts, which can be tested by stimulating a peripheral nerve and then measuring the velocity at which this stimulus travels through the motor and sensory nerves, and then comparing the results with normal baselines. This enables us to narrow down a diagnosis in the event that your pet is experiencing motor function problems. 

This records electrical activity flowing along the auditory pathway between your pet’s ears and brain. The BAER can indicate hearing loss in your pet, and certain brain stem disorders may also affect the results of this test. Your pet can be awake or asleep through this test.

Pet Electrodiagnostics in South Florida: Dog Sitting On Exam Table

We Are Your Veterinary Neurology Experts in South Florida

There are additional electrodiagnostic tests that a veterinary neurologist at our office can use to better understand what ails your pet and determine the best course of action. At SEVN, we offer cutting-edge veterinary care to residents of South Florida. We have been helping pets walk and recover from various illnesses and conditions since our founding in 2010. If your pet needs care, please contact us so we can start them on the road to recovery.