Patient Care Coordinator in Miami, FL

Patient Care Coordinator Required to Join Veterinary Specialty Hospital Team in South Florida!

Do you thrive in a role where you are working to help patients understand their options and make the best decisions for their healthcare?

Are you really good at explaining complicated things in simple terms so everyone understands?

Are you an empathetic person who is patient, but also confident in their work so people trust you and follow your advice?

Would you like to work in an organization, with a clear mission, purpose, and positive, caring culture that will excite you so you enjoy your work?

Does the thought that your work will directly help hundreds of paralyzed animals walk again and return to their families excite you?

If so, we may have the role for you!

About Us

Southeast Veterinary Neurology exists to keep families together by giving second chances to pets and the people who love them. We deal exclusively with neurologic diseases (diseases of the brain and spinal cord) and are one of the United States’ largest independently owned neurology groups.

We’ve recently started on a mission to help 20,000 pets suffering from neurological disease to walk again by 2025. That’s not an easy thing to do and we won’t achieve it unless we have fantastic people on the team to help us grow and maintain our reputation for quality care. But we are certain we are going to accomplish our mission by providing high quality, thorough and thoughtful care for our patients, compassionate service for our pet-owning clients, and consistently providing expertise to the veterinary community of South Florida and beyond.

Over the past decade, we’ve become a trusted name in specialty medicine and the work and dedication of the team were recognized when we were named on the University of Florida’s “Gator 100” list and received a "Good to Great" award by the South Florida Chamber of Commerce.

We won these awards because we understand that at the very heart of our plans are people. Highly skilled, compassionate, and brilliant people like you. For all the fancy equipment and facilities and awards, it is the culture created and work done by all of the talented individuals at SEVN that really makes us unique. We’re tight-knit, highly-skilled, motivated, and professional. And though the work we do is challenging and important, we also like to have fun as we help the pets who need us.

Probably the most important thing to know about SEVN is that it’s a practice built on values and so we’d like to share them with you.

The SEVN team values are:

  • Growth - because all ships rise on the incoming tide
  • Availability – because superheroes don’t work 9-5
  • Teamwork – want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far? Go together.
  • Integrity – actions speak louder than words
  • Accountability – we keep our promises
  • Excellence - because it’s neurosurgery

These values show up in our work in lots of different ways, from the way we conduct ourselves and treat each other, to who we hire and even what equipment we buy. If these values matter to you too then we think you’d find a good home working with us.

About You

Ok, enough about us, this ad is all about you.

We’re looking for someone with some particular superpowers to help us communicate brilliantly with our pet owners and ensure they have all the information they need to make good decisions for their pets. To that end, you’ll have a special aptitude for empathizing and providing compassionate customer care.

A big part of that will be your superior communication skills, including your ability to listen, to ask relevant questions, to speak clearly and concisely, and tailor to your delivery of important information to varying audiences.

Of course, much of this role is also about written communication so you'll also have to write well with good grammar, punctuation and be able to concisely summarize facts and actions. It just won’t do for us to have such a high-quality clinical team sending out emails and letters littered with basic errors. As a stickler for high standards, you’ll understand this completely.

You’ll be working with multiple clients and different problems so you will need to be good at staying organized, moving work forward effectively, and prioritizing so you get your work done on schedule and clients are happy. Again, this is why you will need first-class communication skills so everyone’s expectations are managed.

Though this is not a sales role directly, you will be responsible for similar things like knowing our products and services, answering client questions and objections and it will be your job to discuss price and payment. So, we are looking for someone who is comfortable doing this. If you don’t like to talk about money and are more inclined to be an apologist for our prices then this isn’t the role for you. MRIs and surgery are expensive items and these conversations can be challenging. We need a confident, but empathetic advocate for our service. When you get this right, pets get the care they need.

Teamwork is a huge part of our work. No-one is more important than anyone else because without everyone on the team doing their work well, our patients don’t get the care they deserve. The biggest piece of this puzzle is taking accountability for our area of work and you’ll be someone who prides themselves on sticking to their commitments. You’ll be good at the details and very reliable so follow-up calls or messages to colleagues don’t fall through the cracks.

You’ll generally hold yourself to professional standards in all areas of your life for example in dress and presentation, honesty, work ethic, and helping others around you to succeed also.

Though being a pet owner is not 100% essential if you do have a pet and love them to bits, you’re going to be in good company.

About the Role

The work you’ll be helping us do at Southeast Veterinary Neurology matters because we do amazing things like help paralyzed animals walk again so they can enjoy life with their families. In our case, sometimes what we do really is brain surgery! (Don’t worry, we don’t do rocket science – NASA and SpaceX are a few hours north, so we leave that to them).

This work we do is both challenging and intense because neurology requires us to pay attention to the details and work to a high standard. But, when we get it right, animals and their families experience the joy of seeing a loved family pet walk again. It’s an amazing thing to contribute to and your work will be a huge part of this transformation.

We are looking for a Patient Care Coordinator to join our weekend team, and work closely with our clients, doctors, and referring practices in support of growing the hospital, its reputation, and its impact on the pet and veterinary communities. Patient Care Coordinators are responsible for the following (though this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Ensuring clients have all the information needed to make the best decisions for their pets.
  • Facilitating in-depth pre-consultations via phone with clients
  • Meeting prospective clients in person or on zoom for consultations on case details and expectations
  • Answering any client questions via phone or email
  • Following up with clients to make sure they attend appointments or schedule procedures
  • Assisting with scheduling procedures, presenting pricing and assisting with financial matters as necessary
  • Serving as a liaison to referral veterinarians in managing the case and flow of information
  • In-person visits with referral veterinarians to share information
  • Occasionally working with the marketing team to create and execute events geared toward providing education to the referral veterinarians
  • Working in the hospital or remotely as circumstances demand

Much of this year has been spent with our Patient Care Coordinators working remotely, we see this as likely to continue so if you need to be working in an office alongside others all day long and cannot work well on your own, then this might not be the right role for you.

The Compensation Package

We have a very generous compensation package, which includes:

  • Competitive Pay (based on experience)
  • Health Insurance with dental and vision options
  • 401k retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • CE allowance and career development
  • On the job training - lots of it!
  • Mentoring program to help you be part of TeamSEVN!
  • Profit-sharing after 1 year of service

Your Qualifications & Technical Skills

Applicants will ideally have:

  • Minimum of two years patient care management experience in a veterinary, dental or medical environment (we would also consider a client care coordinator from a luxury automotive background).
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Track record of hitting targets and evidence being an exceptional team player in high performing environments.
  • Experience using medical record software is desirable.
  • Understanding of basic medical jargon is also desirable.
  • A love of animals is desirable, but an absolute love of people is completely essential. Please do not apply if you love pets but are not so good with their owners.

How to Apply

To take the next step in our application process, complete our online application and submit a cover letter explaining why you are a good fit for our team and this role, plus your resume. We will respond to all applicants.

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you soon.