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Is veterinary technician a job or a career path? While some are passionate about what they do every day, others may feel trapped in what seems like just a job.

The field continues to grow exponentially, and the demand for qualified vet techs remains high. However, it isn’t always clear what advancement opportunities exist for veterinary technicians. That doesn’t change the fact that there is a world of opportunity out there, if you’re up for the challenge.

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Exploring Veterinary Career Options

Case in point, Jovani Rosado spent 13 years as a vet tech in general practice, and after becoming certified, he felt he had accomplished all that he could there. He was looking for a new ladder to climb when he found Southeast Veterinary Neurology (SEVN), a single specialty hospital in Miami, FL.

Coming from a two-doctor practice, Jovani valued the mom and pop feel, but at the same time, he wanted more career options. He found this unique combination at SEVN, which was a small practice making big moves.

He didn’t know anything about neurology, but he was looking for a challenge. The work was intense and important. It was new and exciting. And soon, opportunities began to present themselves.

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Forging a Veterinary Career Path

Once Jovani saw the MRI imaging process at Southeast Veterinary Neurology, he knew without a doubt that was what he wanted to do next. SEVN is a practice focused on growth – not just growing the business, but growing individuals, too. So it wasn’t long after being hired that he was asked where he saw his veterinary career path heading.

Jovani didn’t let that opportunity slip by. And neither did SEVN.

Jovani was provided with the education, training, and support he needed to be promoted to Director of Medical Imaging and Surgery, developing and leading a team of five. He acknowledges that he feels very lucky to have had an available, accountable, and excellent team, because it allowed him the flexibility to explore other areas of the company.

Jovani SEVN veterinary career path

In fact, Jovani credits being able to work with the marketing department for giving him perspective on all the different veterinary career options available to him at SEVN – that and being fortunate enough to wholeheartedly believe in SEVN’s values, mission, and vision. Fast forward to 2020, and Jovani was promoted once again – this time to Director of Operations!

Embracing and Facing Challenge

“For me, joining SEVN was a leap of faith,” recalls Jovani. “It came with its challenges, but I have always wanted to put myself in a position where I was going to have opportunities, growth, and ultimately be happy with the job that I’m doing. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, and sometimes it’s not as big of a leap as you think. As I explored other areas in the hospital, I learned, although scary and challenging, the more that I could learn and understand, the more I could do… And that’s kind of my approach to everything: take on the challenge. In my mind, everything that’s worth doing is going to have its challenges.”

Jovani SEVN veterinary career options

A lot of veterinary technicians are looking for that challenge. They are looking for more than just a veterinary job. They are looking for growth. They want a veterinary career path.

But unfortunately, at many hospitals, it just isn’t there for them. Therefore, a lot of vet techs end up leaving the field. Regrettably, the lifespan of a veterinary technician’s career is commonly quite short.

Ensuring Veterinary Career Options for Others

Jovani sympathizes with this and advocates, “My job is to grow this practice and provide opportunities for others, and for other technicians like myself. I was a technician at one point doing clinical work, and now I’m in a role of leadership. So I’m extremely thankful that I came to SEVN for that reason. Having that technician background, a goal of mine is to open up all those opportunities for others, because there are tons of positions in our company to work towards and there are ways to better yourself, not only as a tech, but as an individual.”

Jovani ensuring veterinary career options

He goes on to say, “I think we’ve got the right group of people, and the right level of focus, and strong determination to make it a complete package when coming to SEVN. And I obviously highly recommend anyone who’s looking for a challenge, who wants a new ladder to climb, who doesn’t mind maybe not being totally comfortable with the knowledge that’s required, we teach it, we encourage people, we coach, we provide leadership training for those types of individuals, but you definitely have to want it. And if you do, there’s a career for you at SEVN, not just a job.”

Where to Begin Your Veterinary Career Path

Southeast Veterinary Neurology proudly provides its team members with the opportunities, tools, and encouragement they need to grow. We are a specialty practice built on clearly defined values, and this is apparent in everyone we hire and everything we do.

If you are passionate about pets and science; and if you value growth, availability, teamwork, integrity, accountability, and excellence; it’s time for you to start your veterinary career path at SEVN.  We’re hiring at all of our locations, and we are always looking for remarkable people to join our team. Contact us to learn more about the veterinary career options available at SEVN.

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