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From one minute to the next, a perfectly healthy, happy-go-lucky ball of canine energy was reduced to a painful and frightened paraplegic. The young dog was experiencing sudden paralysis, and her future was hanging in the balance.

sudden paralysis in dogs

Earlier that morning, Sasha’s parents said goodbye to their playful little dachshund as they left for work, just like they always did. But by the time they returned home, everything had changed. They found her hiding under the sofa, panting and unable to walk.

What Can Cause Sudden Paralysis in Dogs?

Like so many dachshunds before her, sweet Sasha had actually suffered a slipped disc. Commonly referred to as a slipped, herniated, bulging, or ruptured disc, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) can cause sudden paralysis in dogs and is one of the conditions most often seen in veterinary neurology. Dachshunds, among other breeds like French Bulldogs, are more prone to this disease due to their short legs and, consequently, long backs.

Can Sudden Paralysis in Dogs Be Treated?

At the time, Sasha’s parents had no idea what was wrong with their little girl, but they acted fast and were referred to Southeast Veterinary Neurology later that same night to be treated. Unfortunately, by then she had already lost sensation in her hind legs.

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