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dog ivdd non surgical treatment

Nonsurgical IVDD Treatment in Dogs: Is Your Dog a Candidate?

Decisions about IVDD treatment in dogs are made based on the severity and the duration of clinical signs. In some…

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annpe in dogs

ANNPE: What It Is and How to Care for Your Dog

ANNPE stands for acute non-compressive nucleus pulposus extrusion (say that five times fast!) and is a form of intervertebral disc disease…

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dog herniated disc

Dog Herniated Disc: Signs and What to Do

A herniated disc is actually the number one spinal cord problem seen in dogs. The good news is that the…

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Myelomalacia in dogs

Myelomalacia in Dogs

When a severe spinal cord injury renders a dog unable to move its legs or feel its toes, about 10-15%…

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Dog can't walk on back leg suddenly

My Dog Can’t Walk on Its Back Leg Suddenly: What Happened?

When your dog can’t walk on its back leg suddenly and for no reason that you can see, it can…

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Sudden paralysis in dogs

Sudden Paralysis in Dogs: Sasha’s Story

From one minute to the next, a perfectly healthy, happy-go-lucky ball of canine energy was reduced to a painful and…

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Dog slipped disc

How Can I Tell if My Dog Has a Slipped Disc?

As veterinary neurologists, one of the cases we most frequently see is a dog with slipped disc symptoms. Fortunately, depending…

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Dachshund health issues and neurological problems

Dachshund Health Issues: 5 Dachshund Neurological Problems

Introducing the tiny, yet mighty dachshund… a big dog trapped in a small dog body, as we like to say…

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IVDD surgery cost

How Much Does IVDD Surgery Cost for Dogs?

IVDD surgery cost depends on many factors. First, let’s talk a little bit about what intervertebral disc disease in dogs…

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Neck pain in dogs

What Are Signs of Neck Pain in Dogs?

When pain arises after some sort of traumatic event, it is easy to identify. However, neck pain often occurs in…

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