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Are Neurological Disorders in Dogs Treatable?

Ultimately, most pet owners ask me one simple question when their pet is having a neurological problem: Can You Fix My Pet? Neurological disorders in dogs and cats can be very scary to the pet and to the pet family.  The nervous system is the part of the body responsible for things like walking, coordination,…

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Five Things Every French Bulldog Owner Needs To Know About IVDD

I absolutely love French bulldogs.  I’m a Pug person at heart, but there’s just something about those ears, those eyes, that face, that I can’t resist in a French bulldog.  If you’re reading this, I suspect you feel the same way. As with any breed, French bulldogs are predisposed to getting certain diseases.  For example,…

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Common Questions About Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)

1. Why does Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) happen? There are two general types of IVDD, Types I and II. Type I IVDD typically affects younger to middle aged chondrodysplastic dogs (smaller dogs with short legs) such as the Dachshund, and usually results in an acute onset of clinical signs. Type I IVDD degeneration begins early…

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