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Brain Tumors

Dog lethargic

4 Neurological Reasons Your Dog is Lethargic

Lethargy is a condition that can be characterized by unusual fatigue and an overall reduction in motivation. A lethargic dog…

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Dog walking in circles

My Dog Keeps Walking in Circles all of a Sudden

There are very few instances when your dog walking in circles would be considered normal. “Some dogs may turn in…

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Dog staring at the wall

Help! My Dog is Staring at the Wall

First thing’s first. Why is your dog staring at the wall? No, your house isn’t haunted. Well, maybe it is,…

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Symptoms of brain tumor in dogs

10 Common Brain Tumor Symptoms in Dogs

Out of all the neurologic conditions that can affect dogs, especially our older canine companions, brain tumors are actually quite…

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Dog head pressing

7 Reasons Why Your Dog is Pressing Its Head Against the Wall

Maybe you have an affectionate pup that shows you love by pressing its head against yours while you smother it…

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Dog change in behavior

4 Reasons for Sudden Behavior Changes in Dogs

Your dog can’t tell you what’s wrong, but you know when something isn’t right with your “soul mutt.” You don’t…

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types of neurological disorders in dogs and cats

Types of Neurological Disorders in Dogs and Cats

Just like in humans, dogs and cats get neurological conditions.  The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal…

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